• This past Sunday I had the awesome opportunity to speak in our new eleven:eleven contemporary service. I spoke on Matthew 5:10.  Besides speaking on being a “hero” by being bold in your faith, I also spoke about the heroes that make up the persecuted church. At the end of the message, I mentioned 3 ways that we can remember the persecuted church and encourage them. I’ve recieved several emails wanting them again. So here they are:
  • #1) Go to Voice Of The Martyrs and read frequently updated news stories about where/how Christians are beng persecuted globally so that you can pray for them.
  • #2) Go to Prisoner Alert and write an encouraging note to Christians (mainly pastors) who are in jail for thei faith. This website will even translate the encouraging notes and BIble verses into their native tongue.
  • #3) Read some books like Wear The Crown and Foxe’s Voice Of The Martyrs and study about the incredibly bold and inspirational witness of Christian martyrs.