Wasting Away Again In Tommy Tubberville

In honor of the UGA vs. Auburn game tomorrow, here is a very fitting song you need to watch. Auburn’s in turmoil, and I personally love it. I never hated Auburn until I moved to LaGrange. We’re only about 30 minutes from Auburn’s “campus” and it’s awful. This song pretty much sums up what going on down in Auburn this year. My beloved DAWGS are gonna roll tomorrow. Mark it down.



Weekend Notes: Happy Birthday Charlie and D-Now Tifton

  • Today is my son’s birthday. He is two years old today. Where has the time gone? I am so blessed to be his dad. He is a constant source of joy and laughter. He has such personality already. Charlie, I am honored to be your dad and I’m excited to be able to watch you turn into a young man who loves Jesus.
  • Charlie stayed with my parents this week. I’m glad he got to, but we really missed him. We met up with my parents last night in Tifton at a awesome bbq place, and Charlie was so excited to see us. He was Mr. Talkative last night. My favorite was when I put him in his car seat after dinner. He looked at me, smiled and said: “Gators-BOOOOOOOOOOO!” Charlie had already learned the truth about the Gators and is a DAWG to the bone!
  • I’m about to go incognito for the weekend. I’m teaching a small group for my home church’s Disciple Now in Tifton. I may or may not have internet access at the home where I’ll be leading a group. Pray that: my small group will be ready to learn, I’ll get some sleep this weekend, this weekend will have a huge impact on the lives of students; pray for me as I preach in the main worship service on Sunday morning.

Georgia WHOOPS the pineapple warriors

Well y’all, I made the trip to the Big Sleazy to watch UGA stomp Hawaii. I’ll post more thoughts later, but just wanted yall to see this picture I took with my cell phone. Sorry dude, Aloha means 12-1. 🙂



Since I am pretty mad at the whole thing right now, I’m not gonna say much. I am going to cut and paste a great post from the Dawgvent courtesy of Saxon Dawg.

Here’s what we have learned:1, It’s NOT better to lose early. If you’re the correct team, you can lose to an unranked team on your home field in your last game, and it’s no biggie. You’re better than the team that has won six straight.

2. It’s NOT important to get the highest rank possible. The voters can simply ignore it and take who they want on the last week.

3. It’s NOT important to take advantage of your opportunities. You can be #1 twice and lose to greatly inferior teams, and it’s no biggie.

4. It’s NOT about how you play. It’s NOT about peaking at the right time. Those things can simply be disregarded.

5. All BCS teams are created equal, but some are more equal than others.

6. None of the above is binding, because rules are only rules until it’s convenient to ignore them.

I’ve Got A Bad Feeling….

So the impossible happened. Numbers 1 and 2 both lost last night. In the BCS, Ohio State was #3 and we (UGA) were #4. Logically, numbers 3 and 4 would move up into the National Championship game. After all, all the ESPN pundits couldnt quit talking about how UGA was one of the hottest teams in the country. That is, until the unthinkable happened and Pitt beat West Virginia. So here were are statistically primed to step into the National Championship, but all of a sudden all the talking heads at ESPN are arguing that LSU should vault ahead of us in the BCS. Yes, I know LSU won the SEC. Being a UGA fan, I know how hard it is to win the SEC. I applaud LSU. But the fact is, they should not jump us. They were ranked #1 in the country twice and blew it twice. Dang, last week they lost to an unranked Arkansas. The whole BCS thing is a mess. It’s all of a sudden turned into a political popularity contest instead of simple math. If the BCS rankings all of a sudden need to fly out the window at the end of the season, why have rankings? Why not just have the college football equivalent of a Miss USA pagaent at the end of the year?

I think that UGA will get rear-ended on this one. ESPN is doing their part to sway the vote.  Luckily, we have a polished head coach who is trying to debunk some of the garbage ESPN is spewing. Guess we’ll find out tonight at 8:00. Go Dawgs!

7 and counting

As a DAWG, I am extremely thankful to have beaten Tech 7 years in a row. (Since Tech had to forfeit several wins because they are cheaters and played ineligible players, it has been 17 years since they beat us). I hate the Tech game; I always feel like it is a trap game for us. It’s kind of like playing Georgia Southern. If you win, well, you should have won. If you lose, you’ll never hear the end of it. Thomas Brown had an extremely good game tonight. I would have loved to have seen Knowshon have another 100 yard game, but Brown certainly deserved his awesome day. Stafford looked sharp. We had a good game against the #7 defense in the country. We have fared well against good defenses recently. Both Auburn’s and Tech’s defense were highly regarded. I can’t wait to see what next years offense can do. It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog. And by the way, Tech fans shouting, “To He** With Georgia” is the ultimate in tacky. That is all.

For The Tech Game #3

For my last Tech pic, this is an American salute to Reggie Ball, one of Georgia’s best ever players. I think the UGA Athletic Assocation is going to retire his jersey. Here’s to you Reggie!