Thanksgiving Pics From The Cabin

Happy Thankgiving everybody! It’s almost time for turkey, but this morning Charlie and I went into the woods around the cabin and took some pictures. I hope you enjoy Charlie’s Thanksgiving morning pictures!






Charlie’s Thanksgiving Recital

Hey everybody! Thanks for all the excitement you’ve shard with us regarding baby Cottle #2. Keep those prayers coming! Charlie has recorded a Thanksgiving recital for you. It includes the alphabet song, the theme song for the Franklin The Turtle cartoon, Humpty Dumpty, and some Thaksgiving wishes. I hope yall have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow. Don’t forget to thank THE ONE from whom every perfect gift comes from. 🙂

Baby Cottle #2 On The Way!!!

Katie are I are excited to announce that Baby Cottle #2 is on the way! Katie is now 10 weeks pregnant. The due date for the baby is June 23. The really crazy thing is that before we found out, Charlie seemed to know. He told us that “baby sister” was coming on Friday. That Friday, I told Katie to take a pregnancy test to satisfy Charlie, and low and behold she was pregnant! He keeps telling us it is a baby sister, so I for one believe him! Here is a picture of Katie’s ultrasound from 8 weeks. Keep praying for a healthy pregnancy. Katie’s back has been in a lot of pain, and since she is pregnant there is not much they can do. Thanks for being excited with us and praying with us! Being a dad is the greatest thing ever, and I can’t wait for another precious little one. You can read more about it at Katie’s Blog.


Wasting Away Again In Tommy Tubberville

In honor of the UGA vs. Auburn game tomorrow, here is a very fitting song you need to watch. Auburn’s in turmoil, and I personally love it. I never hated Auburn until I moved to LaGrange. We’re only about 30 minutes from Auburn’s “campus” and it’s awful. This song pretty much sums up what going on down in Auburn this year. My beloved DAWGS are gonna roll tomorrow. Mark it down.


Lost In Cyberspace

I’ve been posting very regularly, but those posts must have been getting lost in cyber space. 😉 Just an update on our new service- yesterday was our hiighest attended Sunday yet. We’ve been meeting for about 8 weeks now, and yesterday we had around 540 people. We’ve had 12 people join our church in the past 3 weeks. Wow! God is doing some amazing things right now. If you haven’t come and worshipped with us yet, you need to come soon. If you weren’t there yesterday morning, our set list was: Awesome Is The Lord Most High, Blessed Be Your Name, Everything Glorious, Famous One, How Marvelous, and Jesus Paid It All.