Happy Hoppers

My parents were here helping take care of Charlie while Katie was in Douglasville taking care of her mom. Karen is doing great by the way. Sore, but great. For lunch on Thursday, I met my parents and Charlie at Happy Hoppers. Happy Hoppers is like a local version of Monkey Joes. Its a big open space with tons of inflatables for the kids to play on. Charlie had a great time…he calls it Baby Hoppers by the way. While we were there, he asked for a treat they sold called “Wormz N’ Dirt.” It was a cup of crushed Oreos with gummy worms in it. 100% boy! Here’s a picture of us at Happy Hoppers:



Milk And Cookies With Santa

Tonight, Charlie and I had lots of fun by going to the LaGrange Mall to have milk and cookies with Santa. Charlie had a great time. And it was sort of a big biy milestone for him because, for the first time, he let Santa pick him up (and be happy about it!). Once we got there, we could sit anywhere with an open seat. Then, the nice staff came by and gave each kid a glass of milk and three cookies. I would like to note that the cookies were really good- I had to taste them and make sure they were okay for Charlie to eat. 😉 Then, Santa made a grand appearance and stopped by each table and had his picture made with each child. After that, he read “Twas The Night Before Christmas” to all the children. Without further ado, here’s some pictures of Charlie’s experience at Milk and Cookies With Santa:











Charlie showing off the candy cane full of M and M’s (His favorite candy) that he got.










Charlie and Santa #1










Charlie and Santa#2












Santa reading Twas The Night Before Christmas












Fascinated by Santa



















Santa’s neck was sweaty. That suit must be hot.


Charlie’s Super-Duper Christmas Carol Singing Bonanza

Hey yall! Charlie wanted to send you some special Christmas carols. Enjoy, and have a merry Christmas!


It’s really fun having a 2 1/2 year old at Christmas. It’s really fun having a 2 1/2 year old, period. We’ve been decorating our house for Christmas, and Charlie has done a little decorating of his own. Charlie is a big fan of the movie Cars, and he also love stickers. He combined his love for stickers, Cars, and baby Jesus a couple of nights ago. I was walking by one of Charlie’s manger scenes, and discovered he had decorated it with Cars stickers. My favorite part is that he had placed a big sticker that said EXECELLENT on top top of baby Jesus. I think he was trying to quote Phil. 4:8- “If anything is excellent, think about such things.” Amen Charlie! Jesus is excellent indeed. 🙂














Baby Cottle #2 On The Way!!!

Katie are I are excited to announce that Baby Cottle #2 is on the way! Katie is now 10 weeks pregnant. The due date for the baby is June 23. The really crazy thing is that before we found out, Charlie seemed to know. He told us that “baby sister” was coming on Friday. That Friday, I told Katie to take a pregnancy test to satisfy Charlie, and low and behold she was pregnant! He keeps telling us it is a baby sister, so I for one believe him! Here is a picture of Katie’s ultrasound from 8 weeks. Keep praying for a healthy pregnancy. Katie’s back has been in a lot of pain, and since she is pregnant there is not much they can do. Thanks for being excited with us and praying with us! Being a dad is the greatest thing ever, and I can’t wait for another precious little one. You can read more about it at Katie’s Blog.


New Rock Star On The Rise

  • I’ve known for a while that Charlie is musical. (Seriously, he loves music. He especially gravitates towards guitar and drums.) But today, God sent me a sign that he would be the next big rocker. He’s done some re-styling to his hair. You know, the rock star hair. Apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree where musical tastes are concerned. Apparently, Charlie has styled his hair in the genre of 80’s glam bands. I LOVE 80’s rock, and I attached pictures of Charlie’s new hair do and a picture of 80’s hair band Whitesnake. (If you are not a purveyor of fine 80’s music, they recorded Here I Go Again On My Own). See any similarities? 🙂






Okay, so its been a while…

  • Wow! It’s been a while since I updated my blog! But I’ve been a busy guy. 🙂 I’ll try to do better. To get back in the routine, I wanted to upload Charlie’s August 10 Shout Out. I love that kid so much. He is so fun! It’s in two parts, so make sure you watch both!