Mission Tour Diary- Day 1

  • Hey everybody! Just wanted to let you know that we are safe and sound in London, KY. We made great time today. We left the church about noon and made it to the hotel in London about 6:15. We reloaded the buses at 7:00 and went to Paul’s sister-in-law’s church to eat pizza. (Pizza tally for the trip- 1). We had a devotion after dinner and then headed back.
  • After dinner, the guys had some intense games of ultimate frisbee and wrap-up football. I am happy to report no concussions and/or broken bones.
  • Tomorow will be a LONG day. We will be driving the rest of the way to Buffalo, NY. Pray for a non-stinky bus ride. We love ya’ll! I’ll post tomorrow!

Keep Voting! and Charlie’s Shout Out

  • Hey everybody! We had 80 people comment on our video. That is so awesome- thank you so much for your support. Keep voting!
  • Charlie wanted to film a short video yesterday and give a shout out to his family. He also discusses the status of his feet, his favorite fruit, and who will win the Heisman this year. Enjoy!

Vote For Us!!!!

  • Our student ministry is blessed with an awesome worship team. We have officially entered J93’s Battle of the Praise Bands. Here’s the deal: Your votes matter! Please click HERE or go to www.j933.com to view our video. After you watch it, you need to leave a comment and let the j93 viewing commuinity know how awesome we are. 🙂
  • The top 20 “commented on” bands will move to the next level of the competition. To make a long story short, the top 5 bands gets to open up for Pillar and Barlow Girl at J93’s Back To School Bash at Six Flags. The winning band gets a $10,000 sound equipment upgrade. That would be awesome. There are some good videos on there, so we need your vote!

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction…

  • SOmetimes truth is stranger than fiction. What happened to my wife on Sunday is better than anything I could possibly write or make up. Go to my wife’s blog and read about her getting, well, caught with her pants down. Click here to go to her blog!

Back From The Dead!

  • My blog has officially returned from the dead! This has been a really good/really BUSY week and a half. Let me get you caught up on the goings on with me, the family, and the church.
  • Last Saturday night I got to hang out with the Parmer family. They were all in town with Katie’s granddaddy for Father’s Day. Her uncle Mark brought his new Nintendo Wii. When he did the hula hoop, I literally cried. I videoed it with my camera phone, so here you the go. The quality is grainy, but you can still see it.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kasZ6Tf99mY
  • Last Sunday we had a vote at church to determine the direction we are going. The church overwhelmingly voted to (among many other things) support a 11:00 a.m. contemporary service. With 96% of 13-30 year olds in our country being unchurched, this is an AWESOME thing. I’ve been at meetings every night this week, and our leadership has been gracious enough to fully fund everything we need. We could REALLY use your help this fall. OUr kickoff date is Sept. 7. We need lots of help with setup, takedown, greeting, hospitality, prayer, tech/media, and outreach. Email me if you can help! More info will be posted soon.
  • We have been busy all week helping with Camp Viola this week. Our students showed up in force (30-35 students a day!) They are awesome and I’m so proud of them. Here’s a picture of some of our student servants:
  • Charlie and I had an AWESOME day together today- more on that later. Check back soon!

Great Day!

  • We had an incredible day in Blairsville with my parents. It was so fun and relaxing!
  • We started the day off by going to the Sawmill Place for breakfast. YUM! We ate a late breakfast, and Charlie was ready for a nap after breakfast. Well, umm, we were ALL ready for a nap breakfast. So that’s just what we did. I sure needed it.
  • When Charlie woke up well after lunch, we went to my cousin Eric’s (and his wife Melissa) house to swim.  Charlie got to swim with his cousins Ansley and Chandler. They had a great time in the pool. They have a saltwater swimming pool, and it was really nice.
  • We came home from the pool about 5:00 and changed so we could go to dinner. We went to Rib Country. I got ribs and they were awesome. There was a ice cream place in the parking lot, and I promised Charlie ice cream after dinner. Here’s a picture of my two angels sharing ice cream:






  • On the way back to my parent’s cabin, there were two horses in a pasture. We pulled over to let Charlie see them. The horses actually walked over and Charlie loved it. Katie got some pics, so maybe she will post them later.
  • It is so great to spend time with my family. God is good!

Weekend Download

  • We had a great, albeit busy, weekend. We kicked off the first meetings of Equipped (our new guys ministry) and Pure (our new girls ministry). Pure was AWESOME- I’ll let my wife Katie blog about that one.
  • I took the guys camping at Kirk Kilgore’s land. He has a huge, nice lake and we had a blast. After we were there about an hour, the bottom fell out. It rained. I’m suing weather.com by the way. 🙂
  • All the guys got wet and decided to just jump in the lake and go swimming. It was pretty funny to watch. It was even funnier to see them exit the lake with some new leech friends on their legs.
  • After about an hour of rain, it quit. The rain was really a blessing in disguise because it helped cool things off. It was so hot and humid on Friday night before the rain.
  • We got a good campfire going and sat around the fire all night. I told the guys about the heartbeat for the new guys ministry and we also talked about our new contemporary worship service coming in September. We listened to a Braves game on the radio (like the good ol’ days, haha) and just talked about life.
  • The only negative part of the camping trip as the chiggers I brought home. I have HUGE boils all over my body. They itch so bad that I didnt even sleep last night. I woke up about every 5 minutes itching.
  • Katie, Charlie, and I have headed up to spend the night with my parents at their cabin in Blairsville to relax and get some much-needed rest after a busy weekend! We’re going swimming tomorrow, and I’ll try to post some pictures on my blog. Don’t worry- the pictures will be of Charlie. If they were of me, you probably wouldnt come back to my blog anymore. 🙂