One Prayer Begins Tonight!





  • We have an awesome series beginning tonight called One Prayer. One Prayer is a nation-wide thing. Here’s how is works. The permise of the series is, “If you only had one prayer for the church,  what would it be?” The first message will be given by me. The next 3 will be presented by 3 awesome pastors from across the country. Go check it out at
  • We have a rocking set list tonight. We’re doing All Because of Jesus by Steve Fee, Awesome is the Lod by Chris Tomlin, What About Now by Daughtry, Mighty to Save by Hillsong United, and Glory in the HIghest by Chris Tomlin.
  • Don’t miss tonight- it will be  great!
  • I fished a tournament last night with Michael Oleson. Once again, we caught fish, just none with good size. One of these days, I’m going to start winning money at these tournaments! 🙂
  • Katie and Chalie have been in Douglasville visiting Katie’s brother Matt for a couple of days. They’re coming home today and I’m glad- I miss them bad!


  • I went fishing really early yesterday morning. As soon as we got out on the water, I was really excited. The fishing conditions were great and we started seeing some topwater action. I threw a Zara Spook around a weedline and immediately had a bass blow up on it. I got the fish into the boat and was taking the hooks out, and then the fish just freaked out. The next thing I knew I had a treble hook sticking out of my thumb. The hook went in on the right side of my right thumb nail, and then came out the back.
  • We found some tournament fisherman who were kind enought to get some heavy duty pliers and cut the hook away from the lure. My fishing buddy dropped me off at my car and then went back tot he lake. (Before you say anything, I would have done exactly the same thing!) I drove myself to the emergency room and luckily was the only person there. The doctor put a shot of lidocaine in my thumb to deaden it. Then he pushed the hook all the way through, cut the hook off below the barb, and then backed it out. Done. It actually doesn’t hurt too bad. It feels about like a hangnail. The worst part was I missed some really good fishing!
  • Here’s a picture of the hook through my thumb.

Discipline and other Tuesday thoughts

  • My project in my personal life right now is discipline. Spiritual discipline and physical discipline. Spiritually, my goal is to get up earlier and do my quiet times early in the morning. I’ve come to realize how important it is to have your quiet time early. Before I interact with my wife. Before I interact with my son. Before I amswer the first phone call. Before I reply to the first email. Before I talk with the lady behind the counter at the gas station. Before I do any of those things, I need to have spent time with Jesus and have him shining through me. Physically, it’s really simple. I need to eat better and exercise. Although there’s nothing better than a #1 value sized with sweet tea at Chick-Fil-A, that’s not good for me. It’s back to salads and water during the week, and a little trash-eating is permissible on the weekends. 🙂  
  • And I want my faithful blog readers to help keep me accountable with this. If you read my blog, ask me how I’ve been eating and if I’ve been doing my quiet times early. I promise to tell you the truthful answer.
  • I am excited about what I’m doing after work- I’m fishing a Tuesday Night Bass Tournament on West Point Lake. If we can manage to get one “kicker” fish (5 lbs or up) I feel we’ll be taking home some money. Pray for big fish tonight.
  • Katie took some pictures of the painting I did and will post them on her blog today. Be sure to go check them out.
  • Well, back to work- more coming later today!

The Rest Of Monday

  • We had a great day yesterday! We went to Pompano Joe’s for lunch. That is one of my favorite places to eat lunch in Destin. The amberjack sandwich is always good. The restaurant is right on the beach, so the view is beautiful.
  • We took several pictures on the beach after lunch. It was waaaaaay to cold to go to the beach yesterday for fun, so we tooka couple of really fast pictures. Here’s a picture of Charlie and me looking at a seashell we found.
  • After we tooka few pictures, Katie noticed a dolphin surface. And then another one. And another one. There was a school of about 6 dolphins right off the beach behind Pompano Joes. It was awesome to watch.
  • After lunch, Katie and I went to the outlet malls. It was great to spend some alone time with her after we were apart 2 weeks. We had so much fun and laughed a lot. We even found some great deals. If you didnt know, Katie is queen of finding bargains. Go look at her blog and you will see what I’m talking about.
  • When we got home, I walked to one of the golf course ponds. I didnt have long to fish, but I caught a 2 and 1/2 and a 3 pound bass pretty quickly! Here’s a picture of the 3 pounder. Florida bass are much darker than Georgia bass.
  • After I took a quick shower, we went to Landry’s for dinner. The food was great. It is kind of funny going out to eat here, though, because it is deserted. Everybody’s spring break is over, and the summer eason hasnt started yet, so there are not that many people in Destin. It is actually rather nice. No long lines, no traffic jams. We’ll have to start coming at this time of year more often. 🙂
  • I can’t wait to see what today holds!

I Caught A Big One Tonight

If you know me, you know I LOVE to fish. I grew up fishing. I go about twice a week if I can. Tonight, I caught the biggest fish of my life. A 8 pound beauty. I was shaking like a leaf while I had this fish on. I knew it was big. It came out of the water shaking its head and I was praying the hookwouldnt come out. Check this out!

Ode To The Trusty Trooper


  • My 2001 Isuzu Trooper hit a milestone on Saturday morning. I hit the 100,000 mile mark. We’ve been through lots together. Here’s wishing the Trusty Trooper 100,000 more miles. (Please, Trooper, I can’t afford another car right now!)
  • We had a great birthday party for Charlie this past Saturday in Douglasville. I will have the video posted on YouTube and my blog in the morning. Make sure you check back tomorrow morning!
  • When we got home Saturday night, there was a little black cat in the woods beside my house. We quickly became the best of friends.  (I love cats.) After I gave him some tuna fish, we really were tight. You could tell he hadn’t been fed in a while. He was back last night. I fed him some food, and he really wanted inside. Right now Katie and I are discussing what to name him. She is voting for  “Kissy Fur,” and I am voting for Knowshon (after the best running back in the SEC! WOOF!) We’ll se what happens.
  • Easter services were great yesterday morning. I love Easter.
  • Katie’s back is not healed, but doing much better. The Herseys even brought us dinner last night so we wouldnt have to cook. Thanks so much!
  • I had a chance to go fishing on Friday morning with the Olesons on a private lake here in LaGrange. We caught 33 bass between us; I caught 11. Here’s a picture of one of the bass I caught:


  • I also got to fish with my brother Corey behind my in-law’s house this weekend. We probably caught about 15 total.
  • I’ve decided to work on my finesse fishing this year. Pretty much every fish I caught this weekend came on this Gary Yamamoto Fat Baby Craw in a green pumpkin color. I had these rigged on a shaky head jig. I actually used up a whole pack in 2 days. Way to go, Mr. Yamamoto!
  • yamamoto.jpg 

Told you I would catch a big bass!


Today I went fishing with Greg Oleson. (Thanks Senor Greg!). This was the first time I’ve been fishing in 2008, and my first fish was the 4 pound beauty. Hopefully this fish is an indicator of a good fishing season this year. I caught 5 today. Not bad for February!