I did a message several weeks ago entitled “Immune.” It centered around going to the doctor and getting a vaccination. When you get a vaccine, the doctor inserts a little bit of a virus into your system. Shortly thereafter, your body develops a tolerance for the virus. The virus no longer affects you. You are immune. Unfortunately, many Christians have become immune to the power of the Gospel and the Christmas story. We hear the Christmas story every year. We’re surrounded by God’s word. And slowly, we begin to build up a tolerance to the greatest story ever told. Don’t be immune this week- be amazed!


Christmas With The Cottles

We got back late last night after spending several days with my parents for Christmas. It was awesome to be able to see them and spend time with them. Don’t get me wrong, I got some good gifts. I got an electric razor, a pair of new New Balances, some Georgia Bulldogs paraphanalia, etc. But the older I get I just enjoy being with my family. It was great to open gifts yesterday morning, grill steaks with the guys outside, laugh with the family during lunch, have a group nap in the living room post-lunch, and really just hang. God has blessed us in the family department for sure.

Fantasy In Lights and Other Christmas Memories

Last night our minister of education graciously gave us free tickets to Fantasy In LIghts at Callaway Gardens. It was fun, and we made some great memories as a family. Charlie was fascinated by the lights. There were also some mascot-type characters roaming around (a nutcracker, a gingerbread man, etc.). You can tell Charlie did not like the gingerbread man.  He is growing up way too fast.

Also, this past Saturday we had the Parmer Family Christmas. It was a blast. My in-laws have acted so nice this year that they talked Santa Claus into coming over for about half an hour. Charlie liked Santa from afar, but not up close and personal. Whn I sat Charlie in Santa’s lap, he freaked out. I asked him a couple of minutes later if he wanted to try sitting in Santa’s lap again. My 20 month old looked me right in the eye and said, “No!” I asked, “Are you sure?” He then emphatically said again, “No No No!” He’ll love him next year.






Got To Hear Ruth Graham this morning…

This morning, my family went to the Jenny Pruitt Real Estate Agency’s Christmas Inspirational. (My father-in-law is the CEO). It was wonderful. The speaker was Ruth Graham. I was really looking forward to hearing her, in large part because of who her father is. Dr. Billy Graham has been a long-time hero of mine, and has really been influential on my preaching. Ruth obviously got her father’s teaching abilities. She was great! She spoke from the heart bout a faith that she posseses- but not because Billy Graham is her dad. She really went through some rough patches in her life and definitely has a faith of her own. She has been through a husband’s infidelity, divorce, a daughter with bulemia, a son with drug problems, and another daughter with 2 unwed pregnancies. I appreciated her message because it was not a theoligical discourse. Her message was about faith intersecting with real life. If more churches and pastors approached sermons that way (faith intersecting real life), churches would not be declining. Here’s to you Ruth- thanks for your example.

Some Charlie Christmas Pics

Hey everybody! I am so excited about Christmas! It is really fun this year with Charlie. He really likes Christmas. He says “Ho Ho” when he sees Santa and can say “Tree.” Most importantly, when Katie and I ask him why we celebrate Christmas, he says, “Jesus.” Then we’ll ask him how Jesus came and he says, “baby.” He is a smart little dude. Here are some pictures of Charlie getting into the Christmas Spirit.





















Since I am pretty mad at the whole thing right now, I’m not gonna say much. I am going to cut and paste a great post from the Dawgvent courtesy of Saxon Dawg.

Here’s what we have learned:1, It’s NOT better to lose early. If you’re the correct team, you can lose to an unranked team on your home field in your last game, and it’s no biggie. You’re better than the team that has won six straight.

2. It’s NOT important to get the highest rank possible. The voters can simply ignore it and take who they want on the last week.

3. It’s NOT important to take advantage of your opportunities. You can be #1 twice and lose to greatly inferior teams, and it’s no biggie.

4. It’s NOT about how you play. It’s NOT about peaking at the right time. Those things can simply be disregarded.

5. All BCS teams are created equal, but some are more equal than others.

6. None of the above is binding, because rules are only rules until it’s convenient to ignore them.

I’ve Got A Bad Feeling….

So the impossible happened. Numbers 1 and 2 both lost last night. In the BCS, Ohio State was #3 and we (UGA) were #4. Logically, numbers 3 and 4 would move up into the National Championship game. After all, all the ESPN pundits couldnt quit talking about how UGA was one of the hottest teams in the country. That is, until the unthinkable happened and Pitt beat West Virginia. So here were are statistically primed to step into the National Championship, but all of a sudden all the talking heads at ESPN are arguing that LSU should vault ahead of us in the BCS. Yes, I know LSU won the SEC. Being a UGA fan, I know how hard it is to win the SEC. I applaud LSU. But the fact is, they should not jump us. They were ranked #1 in the country twice and blew it twice. Dang, last week they lost to an unranked Arkansas. The whole BCS thing is a mess. It’s all of a sudden turned into a political popularity contest instead of simple math. If the BCS rankings all of a sudden need to fly out the window at the end of the season, why have rankings? Why not just have the college football equivalent of a Miss USA pagaent at the end of the year?

I think that UGA will get rear-ended on this one. ESPN is doing their part to sway the vote.  Luckily, we have a polished head coach who is trying to debunk some of the garbage ESPN is spewing. Guess we’ll find out tonight at 8:00. Go Dawgs!