Some pictures of Molly Kate!

Hey yall! We went to Katie’s doctor today and got some 18 week ultrasound pics of Molly Kate. Here’s the first one:
This is a profile picture. Notice how Molly Kate has her foot above her head! I wonder where she got that agility from? I can’t walk ad chew gum at the same time. 🙂

Here’s our favorite picture:

This is a “head-on” shot. Notice how she has her thumb in her mouth and her index finger over her nose. The great thing about that is Charlie STILL does the same thing, haha. When he sucks his thumb, he curls his index finger over his nose. It must be a family tradition. Maybe Hank Williams Jr will write a song about that.

Keep praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy. God is good!


Baby Cottle #2 On The Way!!!

Katie are I are excited to announce that Baby Cottle #2 is on the way! Katie is now 10 weeks pregnant. The due date for the baby is June 23. The really crazy thing is that before we found out, Charlie seemed to know. He told us that “baby sister” was coming on Friday. That Friday, I told Katie to take a pregnancy test to satisfy Charlie, and low and behold she was pregnant! He keeps telling us it is a baby sister, so I for one believe him! Here is a picture of Katie’s ultrasound from 8 weeks. Keep praying for a healthy pregnancy. Katie’s back has been in a lot of pain, and since she is pregnant there is not much they can do. Thanks for being excited with us and praying with us! Being a dad is the greatest thing ever, and I can’t wait for another precious little one. You can read more about it at Katie’s Blog.