Here we grow!

This past weekend we hosted the third Disciple Now since I’ve been here. It was absolutely incredible (check my blog later this week for a D-Now follow-up). God did amazing things in our minstry, and is continuing to do so. In fact, we are happy to announce the addition of a staff member to our student ministry team. Frank Vaughn will be joining First Baptist Church as a student ministry associate. His main roles will be speaking on Wednesday nights and hanging out with students at their schools. Frank is a full time student evangelist, so he is gone most weekends. He will be here during the week to minster to our students and give fresh and life-changing teaching.
You may be wondering why I will not be speaking every Wednesday. Don’t worry- I’m still minister to students and I’ll still be on the 4th floor. However, as our new contemporary service is expanding, my preaching resposibilities at the new service (and other services) has expanded. I’ll now be speaking on most Sunday mornings somewhere on campus. So in order to make sure the Sunday message is getting what it needs, and to make sure the Wednesday message is getting what it needs, as a staff we felt this was a great investment to make.
Frank will be speaking for the first time tomorrow evening (Wed., February 11) at our student service. We’ll have a little reception after the service for you to get to meet him. Please feel free to send him an email and welcome him to LaGrange. His email address is: See y’all tomorrow night!