Some pictures of Molly Kate!

Hey yall! We went to Katie’s doctor today and got some 18 week ultrasound pics of Molly Kate. Here’s the first one:
This is a profile picture. Notice how Molly Kate has her foot above her head! I wonder where she got that agility from? I can’t walk ad chew gum at the same time. 🙂

Here’s our favorite picture:

This is a “head-on” shot. Notice how she has her thumb in her mouth and her index finger over her nose. The great thing about that is Charlie STILL does the same thing, haha. When he sucks his thumb, he curls his index finger over his nose. It must be a family tradition. Maybe Hank Williams Jr will write a song about that.

Keep praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy. God is good!


Daddy/Son Hang Out Day

  • Today I had the privilege of hanging out with Charlie all day. We had a ball! The first thing we did was to go to Monkey Joe’s in Douglasville. Monkey Joe’s is a huge open room with tons of inflatables for kids to play on. We stayed for over an hour. Here’s two pictures of Charlie playing at Monkey Joes. The first picture will tell you EXACTLY what he thinks of the Florida Gators. As Charlie says, “BOO Gators!”









  • After Monkey Joe’s, Charlie and I went to Best Buy. All guys inherently love going to Best Buy. Charlie tried talking me into a 55 inch HDTV, but I told him his mama might get mad at me. So, as a compromise, I bought him the movie CARS. We’re going to watch it when he gets up from his nap.
  • After Best Buy, Charlie was hungry. He was asking for his favorite lunch of “tacobeans” at Moes. So we had lunch at Moes. He ate his whole Powerwagon taco like a big boy. He even used a fork! He also ate a whole Oatmeal Raisin Cookie for dessert (surprise, surprise).
  • WHo knows how muh more fun the day holds?