Some pictures of Molly Kate!

Hey yall! We went to Katie’s doctor today and got some 18 week ultrasound pics of Molly Kate. Here’s the first one:
This is a profile picture. Notice how Molly Kate has her foot above her head! I wonder where she got that agility from? I can’t walk ad chew gum at the same time. 🙂

Here’s our favorite picture:

This is a “head-on” shot. Notice how she has her thumb in her mouth and her index finger over her nose. The great thing about that is Charlie STILL does the same thing, haha. When he sucks his thumb, he curls his index finger over his nose. It must be a family tradition. Maybe Hank Williams Jr will write a song about that.

Keep praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy. God is good!



  1. Our little girl is absolutely beautiful. I think she gets her athletic ability from Cousin Richard. Did you see him throw a marshmallow??? Oh, I forgot you were asleep…..

  2. Absolutely precious!! She is adorable with her foot up over her head, gonna be just like her mama and that thumb sucking, she and Charlie will be having contests to see who can do it longest. So sweet! Can’t wait to see her for real!!!

  3. Looking good guys! Congrats on everything! I love how nice a look you can get now with the newer imaging technologies in ultrasound. Hope that the pregnancy is treating Katie more kindly with less back pain…looking forward to more updates!

  4. Man, they are such acrobats in there!!! We have some crazy pics of Saralynn is some weird positions, too. Oh, wait- she still does some of that stuff now- ha!

    Get ready- if you think she has your heart now, just wait- something extra-special between little girls and their daddies!

    Praying for you,

  5. These pictures are just precious. While I was on your blog i scrolled down to view other entries. I love Charlie’s Christmas concert – it was great. I wish Saralynn weren’t so shy – she still sings Christmas songs but very softly and to a very slect few.

    We continue to pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy!
    Becky Carter

  6. The prettiest little girl we have ever seen !

  7. You know, Chad, the more I think about it, I think Molly Kate gets her athletic ability from you. I HAVE seen you on the wii…..Boy, can you hula hoop!

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